Mental Health Administrative Team

Deputy Director of Mental Health Services
Julie Holtry

Director of Adult Mental Health Case Management Services
Rhonda Slinghoff

Director of Children's Mental Health Case Management Services
Christine Kuhn

Administrative Case Management Services
Autumn Nauman , Supervisor

Intensive Case Management Services
Brian Engle, Supervisor

Resource Coordination Case Management Services 
Mary Epps, RC Supervisor

Mental Health Intake
Rebecca Sangrey, Intake Supervisor

Director of Crisis Intervention Services
Glenn McCarty

      Mental Health Services   
          notifyme-mo bhds                  1120 Frances Avenue Lancaster, PA 17601
      Telephone: 717-393-0421  Fax: 717-299-7968

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency 

that requires immediate attention, please contact 
Crisis Intervention at  717-394-2631.