Quarter Session Docket Index (1729-1872)

Quarter Session Dockets are a record of all general criminal proceedings within the Quarter Session Courts.  The Clerk of Quarter Sessions presided over criminal proceedings and was named for the court sessions held ‘quarterly.’  Eighteenth century punishment for crimes held in this court were often carried out with lashes upon the individual’s back in the pillory at Lancaster Square.  Crimes of a more serious nature were tried in the Oyer and Terminer courts also recorded in this index.  This office also performed civil jurisdiction duties such as the petition for new roadways across Lancaster County. 

Records show name of defendant, court term, case number, crime, and fines/costs.  Quarter Session records prior to 1797 may also be recorded in Road Dockets.  *Quarter Session records are not available for the years 1814-1826. 

                                            Quarter Session Docket Index